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Home renovation

The renovation of your home is our business!

Quality residential renovations at a reasonable cost.

The new economic situation that has developed in our country in recent years has made it, of course, very difficult to finance housing loans. That’s why a major shift of the public has occurred towards renovation, radical or partial, of already existing buildings. This is a solution that, if done with proper planning and by trained and trusted technicians will surely achieve the required: a “new” home of much less cost than buying an equivalent one.

What does a home renovation include?

A house renovation includes the following tasks.

 A) The exterior renovation of the building, that is:

  • the external facade
  • repair and plastering the exterior walls of the building
  • painting the building,
  • repair and insulate the roof or repair ceramic roofs if any.
  • the configuration of your garden

The exterior home renovation certainly protects the building from the weather and contributes to energy efficiency, saving you money spent on heating or cooling.


 B) The internal renovations, which include:

  • new plumbing, drainage and heating system, replacement of the boiler and burner and installing new radiators and new electrical installations.
  • renovation of the bathroom by changing the plumbing, cabinet and tile
  • repair or replacement of flooring, whether hardwood or tile floors
  • renovation of the kitchen furniture, which can replace the wooden cabinets or just the doors with some of your new selections
  • renovation and insulation of interior walls, replacement of doors and windows with new wooden or aluminum and remodeling of the interior partitions using plasterboard
  • painting the interior of the residence and / or placement of wallpaper
  • roof repair / insulation
  • installation of air conditioning or ventilation

From this work, briefly mentioned here, you can choose the most appropriate or the most of it, so we are talking about partial or complete house renovation.

What are the steps for a proper renovation?

First thing to care if you decide to start renovating your home is to find the right technical staff or engineering company to undertake this work for you.

Main criterion for the right home renovation work must be:

  • the proper and smart renovation design and study
  • the proper selection of materials and suppliers, to ensure the efficiency and longevity of structures
  • maximum economy
  • quality of work
  • continuous supervision of work
  • continuous availability for further future improvements

Join Poupalos Bros and ask for an offer!

We are available to discuss the renovation of your home based on the data of your home and your financial budget. Our extensive experience in the renovation and construction allows us to guarantee a result that will leave you completely satisfied. All our technicians and partners are continually updated on the developments and will suggest effective solutions utilizing the most modern renovation materials.

With a proper and successful renovation you will have a home better than new. Home renovation, if made with the right design and the best possible materials will relieve you of any such work for at least twenty years, so it’s worth investing in them.

Contact us for further information or log on our website to read more text about any home renovation work interests you.