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Air conditioning in stores

Air conditioning in stores with DAIKIN guarantee.

Κλιματισμός σε καταστήματα με την εγγύηση της Daikin!

Air conditioning in stores with DAIKIN guarantee.

The existence of an air conditioning system nowadays represents a key element of the equipment installed in most stores.

The increasing demand for quality in air conditioning, combined with technological development allows you to choose from a variety of different proposals regarding cooling-heating systems.

However, the selection and installation an air conditioning system, is a serious matter because requirements and needs change depending on store area.

An air conditioning system is a sum of components with definite structure and function, which must meet four objectives simultaneously, which are:

  • Air temperature control
  • Air humidity control
  • Air circulation control
  • Air quality control

Also, factors such as:

  • Space size
  • Architectural features
  • Type of premises(cafe, bakery, etc)
  • Level of control
  • Cooperation with other electrical-mechanical installations
  • Selection of equipment and material

Significantly affect the decision upon selecting a system, as each factor has distinctive importance depending on case.

By asking the right questions, our company, will find all the answers needed to prepare a study tailored to your needs, satisfying to the extent you wish all of the above.

Experienced and qualified staff, using up to date equipment and appropriate materials will proceed with the installation of a cooling-heating system to ensure correct conditions of temperature, humidity, circulation and quality of air, creating a pleasant and comfortable environment for employees and customers during all seasons.

Our company uses/utilizes materials and equipment only from well-known companies, which guarantee quality and reliability (DAIKIN, FUJITSU, ΜITSUBISHI, TOYOTOMI, LG, PANASONIC, etc).

Combined with proper design and construction we will offer a complete solution that will significantly upgrade your workplace ensuring comfort, efficiency, easy maintenance and maximum energy savings.