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Cement screed

Cement screed

Network test – Cement screed overlay

Test network.

After the installation of piping our technicians proceed with the filling process which is performed using tap water from the collectors’ filling valves.After taking the air out of all the circuits, we then pressurize the network by applying three times the expected operating pressure.If there is no problem, we reduce the pressure of the network to 60% and leave it at that level; we then proceed with the casting of the cement screed overlay.

Cement screed casting.

The cement screed overlay has unique characteristics and a specific proportion of materials.Our company has experienced professionals who carry out this task responsibly, faithfully applying the relevant regulations in order to deliver the final surface in perfect condition for the next crew.

Cement screed drying.

After placing the cement screed overaly, we proceed with the drying process, which takes place in two stages.The first stage involves physical dehumidification: we let the cement mortar settle for at least 21 days until its humidity is expelled to the environment and we make sure the site is protected against weather conditions which could negatively affect the installation.In the second stage and after the installation of the boiler room has been completed we make all the necessary arrangements for the artificial drying which takes about 7-8 days.