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High quality masonry in the material of your choice!

Masonry is the stage during the construction of a building when the vertical elements of the outer casing are filled, as well as the internal walls of buildings. Depending on the type of building that we build (house, commercial building, warehouse, etc.) we use the appropriate materials (bricks, cement, mortar, steel and glass or metal, etc.

Our company in the construction of buildings uses walls with fillings or decoration, depending on the type of the materials. The masonry can be realized with reinforced walls or can even be a part of the frame, which means that can endure significant loads. With masonry filling we lay in and bound together individual units filling the gaps in the frame with mortar. We also cover the walls with decoration for decorative or insulating purposes.

Bricks are widely used, as it is accustomed in our country. These are perforated blocks or single units of ceramic material. We place double row of bricks on the outer walls with extruded polystyrene in the intermediate space and horizontal reinforced concrete of equal thickness to that of the walls.

  • We use the three-dimensional mesh, which has two parallel grids with an integrated plate of expanded polystyrene between. The grid is fixed between metal columns to be followed by coating and painting.
  • We prefer the masonry of aerated concrete whenever we needed extra seismic construction, since the aerated concrete made from cement, silica, lime and water, has low weight and enhances the strength of the structure to earthquakes. It also provides an acoustic / thermal insulation.
  • The plasterboard, finally, is divided into external and internal. In the internal, plasterboards are screwed over a metal frame with the addition of mineral wool insulation between. External plasterboards are made of concrete and are reinforced on the outside with fiberglass. It is a preferred option when we required a faster construction. Moreover, the plasterboard is very easy to be placed.

In Greece, the most widely used masonry is filling, which is made mostly using bricks. But there are also other materials that can be used as the concrete blocks, stones, bricks from lightweight concrete, etc.