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Office installations

Office installations

Office installations

Office installations with Gigabit Ethernet structured cabling network.

POUPALOS Bros Co. realizes the need of professionals to create a space that is safe, functional, comfortable and stylish that will help his/her business becomes more productive and competitive.

Based on years of experience and knowledge we undertake the design and construction of electrical/mechanical installations at offices.

In recent years, increasing technological demands in these areas set new standards in design and installation of lighting fixtures, electrical installations, plumbing installations, automation, computer systems, networks and structured cabling, security systems and CCTV systems.

  • Our company constantly monitoring advancements in the area of design and technological development can offer suggestions and is ready to provide integrated solutions for facilities that meet all kinds of requirements.
  • Direct customer service and speed of processing in technical or secretarial issues makes us a valuable partner in a well executed and consistent construction.
  • Also, your participation in the supervision of the works is limited only to completely necessary directions related to subjective elements of the installation, since our experienced and organized crew is supervised and entirely guided by our own mechanic.

The relevant study, which we carry out and deliver, enables you to know precisely from the very beginning of our cooperation:

  • The final image of the electrical installation since you will receive detailed electrical drawings.
  • The way in which all tasks will be executed together with a complete timetable
  • The materials and equipment that will be used
  • The total cost required for the project, broken down by installation stage, with no hidden items or small print.
  • The quantity of installation elements included in the financial offer with individual prices in order to facilitate any changes that may occur during implementation.
  • Detailed payment plan without large advance payments that offers flexibility and convenience.