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Autonomy System reliability

Autonomy System reliability

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System reliability – Security against influencing distributors

Autonomy System reliabilityIn the electronic heat cost allocators the indicator of consumption is clear, since it is digital. So, there is no case of error or questionable reading. These devices repeat continuously the self-testing function, and if an error is detected, they record the type of error and the time it appeared. So the time by which the meter correctly recorded heat consumption of the body is known.

In order to avoid any case of incorrect recording the cost allocators record only positive values of the difference between radiator and ambient temperature. So there is no case of incorrect recording when the body receives eg. direct sunlight during the summer months.

Allocators record from body temperature >23°C and only if the difference between radiator and ambient temperature is at least 4°C. When the body temperature is >31°C, the electronic allocators record regardless of difference, if the temperature is reasonable. Allocators recognize any “unusually” high ambient temperature (such as occurs when we want to influence the radiator-ambient temperature difference that the alllocator records when we approach a heat source to the meter). In this case the allocator “ignores” the measured ambient temperature and takes a fixed temperature value (eg. 20°C) into consideration in the time completion.

As it can be seen from the above mentioned, the electronic operation of the meter provides features of reliable and safe operation.

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