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House construction

House construction

Quality house construction just 1100 euro/m²

You have the plot?

Our company gives you the opportunity to build your “dream home” with just 1100 euro /m². You can read our article to be informed for the steps that need to be followed before the installation of the foundations. We will try here to facilitate you, giving you the necessary information on the steps you need to follow. It is a process that may seem as “mountain”, but if done correctly, will not face any trouble at all.

  • The first thing to do is to gather the necessary official documents relating to the plot. Among them is a topographic plan, which, if not available, will be issued by one of our engineers. The land purchase contract and all documents that legitimize the plot are also essential. It is advised to make copies of all these documents so that you can present them when necessary.
  • With these documents and a photo of the land you will come to us to talk together about the house that you want to build. You will describe exactly how you imagine the home you want to build. We will discuss the materials with which you want to build your house and the rooms that meet your needs, how many (bed) rooms, bathrooms, etc. and what dimensions you want as a total and for each room separately.
  • We will then look at your data to determine if the conditions necessary for the construction of your home are met. If everything is okay, we will show you floor plans that will suit your needs and data-geometry of your land. Upon agreement, we will give you an instant draft contract. Our company has the ability, thanks to years of experience in the field of construction and stable cooperation with reputable suppliers and fitters to build your dream home for just 1100 euro per square meter. It will be a complete and functional structure, meeting all the necessary technical safety standards to make a quality durable construction even against earthquakes for which you can read more on our website.
  • If you decide, we will proceed with an autopsy of the land, which is necessary to make any improvements or plan-corrections of the building. Thanks to modern technology, you will have the opportunity to see a 3-dimensional visualization of your future home.
  • When we finalize our plans and set and the last details, we will close our deal. Based on the above bid we will realize a locked budget, so you know the exact cost of the home. Then we will proceed to issue a building permit.
  • The building permit takes about 3 months to be issued. In the meantime we have the time necessary to deal more thoroughly with the plans of your building. We can discuss and identify the location of each department of electrical and plumbing for heating or air conditioning, layout of the house, electrical equipment and sanitary-ware, the carpentry etc. For all those we will complete precise studies, plans and budgets and we will include them in our contract.
  • Once the contract is signed and the building permit is issued, we will begin immediately the construction of your house. The project will be on schedule responsibly and properly coordinated.

Our company, POUPALOS BROS Co. has come a long way in time and can guarantee the completion and the delivery of your new house on time, without “discounts” in quality of constructions and materials, aesthetics and functionality.

Because only then it will be the “home of your dreams.”

For any further information, questions and details, please contact us. Our staff is always happy to assist you.

*The costs for the issuance of the Building Permit Is not included.