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Electromechanical installations

Electromechanical installations

Electrical / mechanical installations by specialized crews

The company POUPALOS Bros has extensive experience in any kind of electrical installations. We provide all kind of installation and renovation of facilities in your home or your business space.

We have to show a significant number of projects completed in the years our company is operating. What makes us stand out and be where we are with a stable public favor towards us is the quality constructions and flawless operation of any facility that we complete combining low power consumption and durability.

For every project we carry out a study is initially elaborated to plan the necessary projects to ensure the right result. Thanks to our years of experience we understand your needs and abilities of your space, so we propose and implement alternative techniques according to your demands.

Our allies here are flawless quality materials which we always care to be of the most advanced modern technology materials and our cooperation with qualified architects, engineers as well as experienced and reliable crews. Our collaboration also with certain material suppliers and specific technicians enables us to provide you the best quality work at prices among the most competitive in the market.

Essential for the quality of each project we deliver is our continuous supervision.

We are specialized in many fields, the most important of which are:

  • Heating: We install heaters, underfloor heating, heating with natural gas or LPG.
  • Self-heating: Install modern system for the autonomy of your heating.
  • Air-conditioning: We install air conditioning in your room, home or business
  • Natural Gas Installations: We can design and installation of LPG systems.
  • Ventilation: Installation after the completion necessary study.
  • Installing alarm and fire detection systems: We work with leading equipment suppliers and we have long experience in the field.
  • Electrical installations: Change or re-installation of electrical installations in houses and professional premises.
  • Plumbing: Reliable plumbing crews will install your hydraulic system according to the study that we have prepared always using high quality materials.

We ensure the proper planning of projects, supervision and coordination of the works to ensure its quality and durability over time. The size of our company and the volume of our business enable us to provide excellent work at very low cost. Also, we are always at your disposal for any maintenance installation in the future.