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Our company can undertake for you the renovation of any space; let it be your home, store or office. We perform a thorough reconstruction of the necessary facilities, furnishing and decoration of your room, which we will renew and make it as new. We can estimate the precise budget of the tasks in advance and have an accurate cost control which certainly is a lot less expensive than buying a new property.

In a radical renovation everything is included. The work is performed in a specific order, and is referred below:

  • At first we will decommission everything old and it will be changed. We will remove the old cabinets, lamps, old radiators, furniture, sanitary ware, flooring and piping / wiring system. In the bathroom, we will remove your old sanitary-ware tiles and old pipes.
  • Then we remove the debris in order to start the renovation tasks.
  • Under the plans drawn up by the architects-engineers, electricians will make sure to install your new electrical installation. We recommend changing of the electrical installation in buildings above the age of 25 years. Our electricians will set up new lines for all electrical devices that you intend to place in our home, store or office. Also enough plugs will be put in the right places for different devices, but also a voltage monitor to the electrical panel that keeps the large electrical appliances or computers safe from damage that can be caused by sudden fluctuations in voltage. At this stage we will care about the installations needed to properly illuminate your space.
  • Next in turn is the toilet or toilets if it is for an office, bar, restaurant , café etc. Since the old equipment has been moved, our plumbers will take care to place the new plumbing, with pipes and materials from modern, durable materials. Changing the hydraulic system we will ensure a functional water supply and drainage with durability and better hygiene, important in this field. Then we will place the new sanitary ware, which you will choose by yourself or in collaboration with our suppliers, and will meet the requirements and your budget. Once we have finished the plumbing and some electrical improvements, involving, for example, the lighting, the workshop will proceed to the necessary masonry work and plastering before placing your new tiles. Finally, we connect the lights or spots and finish with the room with by painting it in the color of your choice.
  • In the same way we will work in the kitchen whether it is for a home or business. After we change the plumbing, furniture will be placed in the kitchen or professional benches, new sinks and taps. Here you can adopt some of our suggestions or to buy your own equipment. Our goal here, ergonomics and functionality of the space, which will ensure the proper planning and design of the space, especially if it is for a business.
  • We will change your old windows with new, of your choice of material and price, which will ensure the insulation of the space and energy saving from heating / air conditioning.
  • Provided that the necessary changes in the walls of your room are completed, demolishing or adding partitions, adding insulation, etc., our technicians will putty and plaster the entire area to be refinished. And here, the styles, colors and / or the application of wallpaper are your choice.
  • We will continue with the carpentry. Here we’ll put in place the necessary closets / cupboards, shelves, bookcases that we will either build specially for you by our associates or you will either buy them yourselves. A key point here is the comfortable and adequate storage space that will not occupy the space.
  • If it is a house or cafe, restaurant etc, we will undertake the renewal of the surrounding area.
  • We will also install the heating system of your choice and care for its autonomy after the conduction of a relevant study. In business space we will take care of the proper ventilation and air conditioning.
  • Finally, our company is also specialized in alarm systems. We will install in your place the appropriate alarm, monitoring and detection system, to get you protected from fire and burglary.

As already noted above, our architects and engineers will design with accuracy the renovation of your space. Our work is completed under the constant supervision of our technical experts, while the optimum coordination of our crews enables us to complete the work we undertake within the specified timeframe, which is certainly critical for the functioning of a business.
Finally, the constant collaboration with our suppliers and specific crews enables us to provide excellent materials and quality work while offering very competitive prices.