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Techem autonomy heating system

Techem autonomy heating system

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Techem system of radiators distributors

The main part of the system are electronic devices for radiators distribution that are placed on each radiator. These devices measure the heat output of each radiator. Thus, the application of this system leads to practical autonomy of operation of each apartment and its rooms making even the classic (two-pipe) heating systems autonomous.

The compact device (118x39x32mm) contains two temperature sensors, one for the temperature of the radiator and one for the room temperature, respectively, a microprocessor, a liquid crystal display and a battery.

Center of the device is a microprocessor in which power values of the radiator are stored. Each heat cost allocator is programmed with Watt accuracy for the radiator it is which placed on. The programming data of the device serve as the basis for all measurements and calculations.

A very sensitive two sensors system measures the average temperature of the radiator as well as the temperature of the heated space close to the radiator and so calculates the difference of temperature with the biggest possible accuracy. The calculated values are converted into readable guide values.

The microprocessor completes in time by multiplying the difference between these two temperatures at a constant, characteristic for each radiator. The indication of this integration appears on the LCD screen. The use of the microprocessor allows functions such as selective recording over a certain temperature difference, self-test of the device function, and storing and display of the corresponding indication of consumption of the previous period. Each device stores at the end of the period, on the “measurement date”, the annual consumption and automatically starts recording the consumption of the next period. The planned “day of measurement” ensures the accurate calculation for a year. The cost allocators are operated by an internal battery that is sufficient for smooth operation of at least 10 years.

The values on the allocator screen show the rate of consumption of the radiator in relation to the overall consumption.These are net cost allocation prices and can not be related directly to heating expenses. Therefore it is not possible to compare the annual rates of consumption. Prerequisite for connecting the heating costs to actual consumption is the exact measurement of the efficiency of each radiator of a property. The radiators vary in size, type and power. To calculate the efficiency of the radiator the various sizes and data of each radiator must be recorded. All dimensions are specified in millimeters.

For instance, for a common steel radiator (AKAN type) you need the following information:

  • Number of fins
  • Height
  • Width
  • Distance between fins

These values define the power of a radiator and form the basis for the calculation of consumption. This way each Techem allocator is regulated for the thermal capacity and the type of that radiator.

Our experts record the necessary radiator data and put the allocators on the radiators in the proper position. When they are installed, the measuring devices are sealed to make impossible their removing and repositioning.

The solution to the problem of sharing the costs of heating in buildings without autonomy is the use of heat cost allocators. Heat cost allocators are the ideal solution for heat autonomy of buildings with two-pipe system. Each occupant manually or automatically (using thermostatic or electrothermal heads) chooses when to activate the heating system and what is the desired temperature for each room (eg. 20°C in the living room, 18°C in the bedroom, 22°C in the bathroom). At the same time, heat energy consumed is accurately recorded.

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