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Analysis and distribution of costs

autonomy heating Analysis

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At intervals determined in cooperation with the manager of each block of flats devices are read and the distribution of expenditure takes place. The manager shall provide Techem all the necessary for the cost-sharing information, such as the number and size of the properties, and the names of the owners or occupants.

Special forms of recording help Techem save time and avoid errors.By sharing the cost of heating the building and other expenses, according always to data read on the devices, the cost of each individual property is calculated and the account concerning the costs of heating the building and each property separately is issued.

Before the distribution, all the expenditure vouchers are checked for correctness by the Techem Data Service and Calculation. Each account is subject to multiple correctness checks. The calculation of both the overall and the individual cost allocation is a model of transparency. It is clear, concise and understandable to everyone. Thereby friction and misunderstanding between tenants is avoided.

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