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Bedroom Renovation

Dream of your new bedroom and call us to realize it.

The renovation of your bedroom will give your space an air of freshness and renewal that will rejuvenate you. There are many changes you can make in the bedroom or bedrooms of your home. Our company is at your disposal to suggest solutions based on your budget and realize for you the changes you decide the room to have.

  • For a major bedroom renovation our crews remove old furniture, air conditioners and radiators clean any old wardrobes, lighting, plaster, windows, floors and old plaster or wallpaper from the wall.
  • Then, with the help of architects-designers our partners will design the new layout to renovate your room by taking into account the size, orientation, thermal losses and any moisture. Of course we will discuss with you your preferences regarding aesthetics, style and colors of the new design.
  • Next step, the replacement of old frames with new, high quality, which will reduce heat loss and protect you from the heat invasion in summer.
  • Next step is carpentry. Under the plan drawn up to renovate rooms, excellent carpenters will build new wardrobes for you to create spacious storage areas. At the same time its plan will give the room the first signature of the new decoration.
  • The floor is what will be changed later. We will establish a new floor, parquet or whatever else you want with excellent work and using the best materials.
  • If during the rooms renovation some electrical interference is needed (e.g. adding new sockets), the electricians will care about it.
  • We will repair any defects in masonry and plaster and paint your room in the colors you choose with the help of our designers and we will apply the appropriate wallpaper.
  • Finally, before moving into the part of decoration, we will design the proper installation of heating or air conditioning in your room.
  • You just have to get your new furniture, which you can buy ready-made or will be specially built for you by our cooperating carpenters with the materials and design you want. We will also add rugs, necessary furniture, lighting and decorative objects, as well as fabrics for curtains, bedspreads and decorative pillows.

Naturally to renovate your bedroom we use quality materials by our constant associates, our suppliers to ensure that you pay the best possible prices. Our presence in the field of renovations and constructions for years and our experienced and trained technicians will guarantee flawless cooperation. We will absolutely satisfy you both technically and aesthetically. With proper supervision and proper coordination, we will achieve the bedroom renovation inside your budget and time frame that will be planed the start.

For more information, you only have to contact us and talk to our partners for your bedroom renovation.