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Building frame

Building frame

The frame, the main body, of the building is very important for the construction of a proper building.

This is what will support the building as long as it exists. Our company pays great attention to the construction of the right frame, which fulfills all the conditions required for its safety.

The buildings are manufactured from reinforced concrete, which consists of concrete and iron, as it is appropriate to the circumstances of our country.

  • For the injection of molded concrete we usually funnel it in wooden or metal molds. We manufacture the molds always in the correct dimensions and we care for proper placement, to correspond with the designs of the engineer. The proper construction and robustness ensures that they will not open nor deform during the injection of concrete.
  • We follow with the placement of steel reinforcement in places where it was intended to. We place the steel reinforcement inside the molds faithfully following the corresponding study. We form the steel rods by cutting and bending using the appropriate equipment. We pay great attention to the stability of the armor, which is achieved by using the right bindings. All these ensure that the reinforcement will not move when we pour the concrete.
  • We carefully place the irons leaving enough space left for the various casting machines. This is the stage at which we apply the concrete in the molds with the method of injection or ejection to form the frame.
  • After the injection of the concrete in the molds we cause vibration of the concrete to compact it and to remove entrapped air from the mass and increase its durability.
  • Then we proceed to the maintenance of the frame. We reserve the concrete wet for at least a week after placing it, a process that will make it sufficiently durable. When the concrete has been stabilized enough we remove the molding. The process is repeated in the same manner and with the same materials from floor to floor, if it is a multi-storey building.

We always construct the frame of the buildings following the study of our engineer. As with all our work, there is always supervision on the worksite by our engineers to ensure that all the regulations imposed by law are respected.