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Quality flooring

Our company will place your construction the flooring you choose. For your choice we offer the guidance of our associates, who will recommend the best solution taking into account the particular conditions of the environment and architecture / aesthetic space.

Certainly it is a difficult choice, because the technology offers great variety in the materials when it comes to floors. The main ones are:

  • The natural wood is the main material used for flooring and is definitely a classic and excellent material. Wooden floors are made from different types of wood. Warm and ecological, resistant if properly maintained and also fits the climate of our country. Care is needed to avoid wear and requires special treatment to withstand moisture.
  • Natural stone is the next absolutely natural and ecological material used as flooring of buildings for a long time. Especially in areas where stone is abundant, dominated by marble and granite. We can place stone in the dimensions you want. This is a highly durable material that gives great style and elegance to your place.
  • Ceramic tiles: The most popular material for floors, of which you can choose from a variety of colors and designs. Resistant to moisture, usually preferred to cover the side walls in bathrooms and over the kitchen’s sink. Their cost is not high. However they need attention not to be knocked and also are a cold material.
  • From synthetic materials, the most popular is linoleum. The floors are completely ecological as they are made from plant materials. They are suitable for floors with underfloor heating. Inexpensive, vibration resistant and hygienic, definitely worth your attention.
  • The laminate flooring is another option offered by modern technology materials. Made of synthetic and natural materials with the look of wood or stone. They are also available in many colors and designs. Moreover it is a resistant material, with low cost of buying and application.
  • The vinyl floor material is available in the form of tiles or sheets offered in many colors and designs. Inexpensive to buy, place and maintain, suitable for toilets and over the kitchen table, since it’s resistant to moisture.
  • The concrete floor is modern trend of the industrial style. It’s just one floor of reinforced concrete in various colors. The only disadvantage is that it requires an annual sealing process.

These are the main types of flooring that are usually preferred by the public today while there are still other options. Our company promises to plan properly, install accurately and maintain each material by qualified and experienced technicians.