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Living Room Renovation. New ways to change the layout your space

Living room renovation.

The living room is the place where you spend much of your free time, so it is worthwhile to renovate it. It is a clever way to get a sense of luxury and new home in the place where you are already living for many years.

Our company can complete for you the renovation of your living room efficiently and economically. As with any renovation that we realize, when renovating a living room we follow some specific steps of systematic work to achieve the desired result.

The work required to renovate a living room is summarized as:

  • First we will complete the decommission of old plaster, light fixtures, cabinets, tiles, windows, doors and anything else you want to change in your living room.
  • Then we will arrange a new modern electrical installation and install adequate space for outlets where you can plug in electrical devices and lights.
  • In consultation with you we will redesign the space. Our collaborative expert designers will suggest new ways to plan your space to be better and more functional according to its dimensions.
  • We will plant a new floor in your living room, hardwood, tile or whatever else you choose.
  • Next in priority in living room renovation is any new carpentry. At this stage we will place in your living room closets (wardrobes) and shelves or libraries designed especially for you by our partner carpenters.
  • Old frames will be changed, windows and doors with new,of wood or aluminum, according to your taste and the color and design that will best fit the new style of your living room.
  • After we finish the carpentry and masonry work we will proceed in filling and painting the walls and / or the placement of wallpaper. Our designers will discuss with you about the colors, designs and styles.
  • Followed by the placement of living room’s furniture, new or old ones with new fabrics, new designs and colors. You also get the lights, floor or ceiling of your choice.
  • The designer will also make recommendations for further decoration of your living room, the correct position for the sound system and your TV and anything else you want to include in your place.

The secret to successful renovations is our proper study and planning by qualified partners and the continuous supervision of our crews, who also are composed of professional technicians, to finish the work.

We must emphasize that the longtime presence in the renovations business allows us to work in living room renovation with tried and trusted partners and suppliers while offering the most competitive prices in the area.