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 Store renovation

Store renovation to increase your profit!

Certainly store renovation is a job that is worthwhile, since the renewal of your space will attract more interest from the general public.Store renovation is a serious matter that should be done with the care it deserves to have the desired effects.

What exactly is done in a store renovation?

We can divide the store refurbishment in two parts:

  • The first is the renovation of the store as a building
  • and second is the interior design and its aesthetics

The refurbishment of the shop as a building includes the following tasks:

  • renovation / reconstruction of the exterior walls / spaces
  • renovating interior coverings and frames
  • floor renovations
  • renovation of electrical and plumbing / sanitation system
  • renovation of sanitary ware
  • the renovation of heating / cooling system
  • repair or renovation of the ceiling or roof
  • the (thermal) insulation of the building
  • store shading plan
  • Painting of the store (interior – exterior)

Store renovation for decorative and aesthetic / functional changes includes:

  • coatings or coatings deposal room walls
  • wall coverings of wood or stone
  • placement of special structures (stairways, ceilings, railings / trellis)
  • fireplace construction and other engineering works
  • the design and installation of proper lighting
  • Closet installation
  • The conformation of the landscape

All these store renovation works have as their main goal to mirror your personal style on the store, but also to increase its functionality. All this will lead to a better job of those working in the place but also upgrade the aesthetics, the combination of which will highlight and display finished products and attract more consumers.

Before renovating a store, we will compose the necessary analysis and design based on the changes you want to implement. Our technical staff (architects, engineers and crews) has extensive experience in renovations. Therefore, can advise and guide you to make the right choices that will bring the desired result.

If we present you a model of our proposal and we have your consent, we will start the renovation work as soon as possible and we will work intensively to help your professional place to work (again) as soon as possible.

Our experience and our training in the field of renovation and construction is the guarantee that we provide a reliable operation and excellent results.

For further information on specific aspects of store renovation you have to read up our website or contact us.