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Fashion - cloth store renovation

Reclaim your space!

The clothes store renovation is actually an investment in your business. The regeneration of the site and the rearrangement will operate essentially as a magnet for new customers. Provided of course that the renovation you will do will be a successful one.

Our company, working for years in every kind of space renovation, private or professional, is available to renovation your clothes store.

Each renovation we perform is based on a study elaborated by our qualified designers. Our careful design and then supervision of the work are the key factors behind our success and our rising path in the business.

Once we develop, in consultation with you of course, a renovation project suitable for your space, we will move to the following operations:

  • At first we will decommission what is going to be replaced or do not want anymore (floors, windows, doors, partitions, plaster, etc.).
  • Then we will make sure to change the electrical installation, if old, with a fresh and contemporary one. During this process we will install lines for your new lighting (ceiling lights, spot lights, hidden lighting) all based in our project.
  • We will renovate the floor of your store with a new, in colors and style that fits in your store.
  • We will continue with the installation of the new equipment and furniture necessary for the smooth running of your store: showcase, service counters, and shelves, stand display products, wooden and glass shelves, etc. When renovating a clothes store we make sure to utilize the space that you have in the best possible way using modern, practical and innovative techniques. With these systems you can adjust the shelves, display accessories and clothes hanging bars, depending on your needs every time.
  • With the same care and aesthetics we will change the shop’s clothes fitting area. It is the place where the client will be by itself, so it should be properly equipped with a hanger, bench and mirror.
  • Of course during the renovation we can take over the space heating, air conditioning, by natural gas or radiator.
  • We paint your store in the colors you agree with our designer. In the painting we can follow different styles or to put wallpapers that will also become part of the decoration of the store.
  • Finally, if you wish, our company will install in your store alarm / monitoring for protection from burglars.

All work is performed by our proven techniques using quality materials and modern technology. Here also lies the secret of our continuous evolution in the business and our growing clientele.

Our flawless coordination enables us to deliver a complete clothes store renovation within the timeframe we set from the start.

Our staff is always available to give you more information and to answer your questions.