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Highlight your space!

Our company, with extensive experience in the renovation business is available to you if you decide to renovate your bakery or your pastry. Bakery renovation is a task that requires proper planning and execution in order to ensure the smooth operation of the store to guarantee a safe and comfortable working staff.

We will carry out the bakery / pastry renovation following the steps below:

  • At first our experienced designers and engineers will redesign your business space, taking into account your suggestions and preferences.
  • Then we will decommission the old equipment, old furniture and tiles from your place.
  • Next and crucial step in the bakery / pastry renovation is installing the necessary plumbing facilities and the renewal of the electrical installation. We configure the necessary separate facilities on the electrical panel to supply power to electrical appliances (fridges, ovens, mixers, etc.)
  • We will also install separate lines for each large air conditioner. In planning the bakery / pastry renovation we include the necessary ventilation.
  • The placement of the electrical voltage monitor on the electrical panel is crucial here. It will protect expensive electrical equipment and secure the operation of your store regardless by the sudden surges that can cause them harm or interrupt their operation.
  • Then, once the appropriate masonry and plastering is done, we will proceed to the installation of the new equipment. Experienced designers and technicians will help you select the right worktops, sinks, commercial refrigerators, gas oven and the necessary hot cupboards and displays. We can also install the necessary specialized bakery and pastry equipment, depending on the space and scope of your work. We will also put construct spacious cabinets and storage areas.
  • We will complete the renovation of the bakery / pastry by placing tiles on surfaces where is indicated for cleanliness and hygiene of the area and the installation of the appropriate lighting.

If you wish, we can install an alarm network to protect you against vandalism and intruders.

When we renovate a bakery / pastry, which is always done under the supervision and oversight of our technical managers, we take care to highlight your space. Our goal is to design the space to have the quality output to display your products and attract more consumers.

Our company has built and has under its supervision the store of Stergiou, which is the largest bakery – pastry in Europe.

Our main concern during the bakery / pastry renovation is the combination of quality work and materials with the best prices.

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