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Kitchen Renovation with aesthetic supremacy!

Renovate your kitchen

The kitchen renovation is a job that is not as complicated as the bathroom renovation, but certainly here there are issues that you should consider to get the desired result.

Important step before proceeding to the kitchen renovation is to be properly informed about what work is included. So you can have the control of the budget needed for the costs of renovation.

A proper kitchen renovation includes the following steps:

  • If your home is older than 25 years, it is necessary to change the electrical installation. This will ensure the smooth operation of electrical appliances since you are correctly renovating a kitchen changing the kitchen furniture is not enough.

However, some changes in the electrical installation of the kitchen are necessary because of the increased space requirements will result in changes of sockets and lighting according to your needs.

  • We will elaborate a study on the design of your new kitchen.
  • The plan of the kitchen renovation will go on by removing the old kitchen and your old tiles.
  • Then we will install the necessary plumbing supplies, according to the plan.
  • We will then install new electrical lines from your electrical panel to empower your electrical appliances (stove, dishwasher) and will place some sockets for the coffee maker, toaster, kettle, etc. During this process, the electrician will install your panel and a safety relay, which protects your electrical appliances from sudden changes in voltage of electricity that can destroy them.
  • Once we have completed the work on the electrical facilities and the decommissioning of the old kitchen, the crew will do the necessary repair works in the places where the old tiles have been dismantled or points that need plastering work after the electrician.
  • Then we move on to the kitchen renovation placing new furniture and appliances of your preference.
  • Last step is to place the tiles needed to cover the empty areas, which, apart from its practical usefulness, will enhance the aesthetic results.
  • Finally, we will connect your electrical appliances and complete the kitchen renovation by painting the walls a color that blends in with the furniture and style.

In consultation with you we can place extra light spots and / or concealed lighting over sinks and cabinets.

Our concern at the kitchen renovation is to combine aesthetics with practicality, since the kitchen is a room used every day and must meet the necessary conditions that will make our lives more comfortable and easy. So always make sure to include the renovation of spacious closets, trash bins etc if you have sufficient space and a large sink with a handy and durable battery.

Our priority in the kitchen renovation is the combination of high quality materials that will leave you completely satisfied.

For any further information and details please contact us. Our staff will inform you and discuss with you in detail for your kitchen renovation design.