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Underfloor heating


Underfloor heating. Top quality of Rehau materials

Poupalos Bros Co., constantly monitoring market developments and growing customer demands for modern ways of heating, undertakes the design and construction of underfloor heating system in your home.

With experienced professionals and appropriate materials we guarantee a proper technical implementation which will be safe, functional, efficient and will fully satisfy the heating needs of your home.

For the construction of underfloor heating we use certified Rehau and Interplast materials, which are designed specifically for this purpose.

Underfloor heating advantages

Underfloor heating gives us a better sense than any other heating. This is due to the fact that the building blocks of our house are heated completely evenly from bottom (floor) to the top (roof) with low water flow temperature. As a result, we do not understand what exactly is heated and this gives us the feeling of absolute uniformity of temperature inside our house.

Underfloor heating is economic.

Underfloor heating always follows the logic of uninterrupted operation. So, we cannot go away for the weekend and turn down the heating completely. This is explained as following: as the system heats the building blocks of our home, it has great inertia, that is the room temperature will change very slowly. It is true that even when we close the burner system we will sense the temperature difference after hours.

We will not choose underfloor heating for a house where we do not live permanently, for example in our cottage.

However, in our main home we should never turn off the heating for the following reasons:

  • If we turn off the heating in a house that we live every day it will take several hours to cool completely and several hours to warm up again when we return, so energy consumption is equal to letting the heating permanently on.
  • We do not need to deal with temperature regulation every time we enter our house, as in the underfloor heating everything is automatic.
  • For the maintenance of our house we should not alter abruptly the temperature, because it can cause cracks in the structural elements, as temperature must not reach very low prices.

Taking all the aforementioned into consideration and if our home is well insulated, then underfloor heating is an economic and good option.

The secrets of underfloor heating

As we have already mentioned, with underfloor heating we achieve the perfect distribution of heat without sensing temperature differences within a room. However, in order to achieve this, proper application of materials is required.

There are two ways to place the tube in a heated room.

The one is easy and fast and rather inefficient and the other is more difficult and time-consuming.

In the first way the tubes are located in a zigzag pattern. So we cannot achieve evenly distributed temperature in the room because the first spiral will be warmer and as it proceeds in the tube the water will be transmitting the temperature to the floor and subsequently to the room. That means that in the second spiral the water will have a lower temperature, in the third an even lower and so on. As a result, the room is practically warmer and colder at places.

In the second and more appropriate way the tubes are located in a meandrous formation. As a result, temperature will be the same at every point. For example, at the first point that water reaches the temperature is higher. Right next passes the tube that returns the water and has emitted to the room its entire temperature, so the temperature is the lowest. So the TD is stable in every point of the room.

Poupalos Bros Co. has installed several thousand square meters of underfloor heating and does not negotiate the quality of the materials or the assembly system, because it wants to always offer top quality to its customers.