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Preparing to install underfloor heating

REHAU-logoPreparing to install underfloor heating

Preparing to install underfloor heating

The installation of underfloor heating is quite different from other heating methods and directly affects the whole scheduling of the other construction works which need to be completed in order to proceed with the implementation of the study without problems.


The plastering stage must have been completed so that our crew can work unaffected by problems that might arise from tasks being executed in parallel.

Window frames-marble.

All external window frames must have been installed. Also, bricks or concrete should be placed at the points where the underfloor heating stops.

Plumbing installations.

All plumbing installations must have been completed, while special attention should be given to the installation of drainage floor waste traps.

Electrical installations.

All the internal electrical installations must have been completed and it must have been checked that the wiring associated with the underfloor heating is placed at the appropriate points.

Slab levelling and cleaning.

In many cases slabs need to be levelled; cement is poured in order to correct any deviations or protrusions caused by other works. Also all the surfaces on which underfloor heating will be installed should be cleaned properly.