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Home decoration

Innovative home decoration

Our company, besides the reconstruction and renovation of your house, also undertakes the decoration. Experienced and trained designers will visit your home, where they will perform all the necessary measurements of the dimensions of your space and will note its own peculiarities. Then we will discuss with you your preferences and make suggestions over the design of your home decoration.

We should emphasize that the home decoration follows the functional design and effective use of space. Te role of the home decoration is to add to your sites aesthetics that match the personality and preferences of those using all of the objects and materials that surround them.

So, we will discuss with you and let you choose carefully firstly the furniture, sanitary ware and appliances of your home. Depending on your taste and your financial planning, we will surely find the most suitable equipment and materials to suit yours (wood, metal, etc.). The same goes for the colors: depending on your aesthetic preferences and the lighting in your home, you choose those colors and combinations of colors that blend with the surroundings and your personality.

Aside from the materials and colors, of course you will choose for the furniture that will complete your home decoration of your dreams. We primarily care for making suggestions for the colors and styles that will achieve the sense you want to give your space – modern or more classic. We can also make similar suggestions for applying wallpaper in one or more walls and spaces of your home.

Next step is of course the choice of furniture that will get your home “dressed”. A great role here will be played, apart from the style and colors, by the creation of a practical and functional space. We will choose the furniture that will best fit with our decoration proposal and we will place them in places where they will contribute to the promotion / decoration and in your proper utilization, which will make your living in it more comfortable and enjoyable. Fabrics and colors / designs and large covers of furniture will be harmonized with the colors and the overall aesthetics of your home.

Next are the decorative / functional objects and carpets / flooring that will complete your home decoration. We will choose together the items used to decorate your home, depending on the room and the use for which it is intended: children’s room / bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, patio / garden. Our decorators will help you, so that every object utilized or not, will the signature of your taste and personality.

Our guides when decorating a home is always the quality of the design and the selection of materials, the continuous information about new trends in design and materials, with unique selection based on quality, functionality and style that suits you and the result that will last over time.

Our vast experience in the field of home decoration is a guarantee for excellent result.