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Autonomy System evaluation

Autonomy heating System evaluation

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The system of electronic distributors of radiator consumption is an economical and reliable solution for the measurement and distribution of heating costs according to the actual consumption with two substantial advantages over other systems: it applies to any kind of heating systems with radiant heaters and does not require any intervention or modification of the piping or radiators.

It is particularly suitable for “classical” heating systems (without autonomous – independent heating hot water per property) since beyond measure and equitable distribution of heating it enables the autonomy in system usage.

Perhaps the only weak point of the heating cost allocators is the fact that they are placed in the “private area” of each occupant (inside the apartment) and do not allow free access to and control of it. So, although the system allocators are practically unbreakable, the sense of possible tampering with the distributors by bad tenants remains.

This psychological problem is fully solved using electronic heating cost allocators with wireless transmission and central data collection outside apartments in a communal area of the building. So reading the measurements is done without visiting the apartments inside.

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