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Our company undertakes the design and construction of your switchgear in the large works undertaken.

The switchgear is designed by our qualified electrical engineers, who will discuss with you about your special conditions and needs, whereas our qualified and experienced crews of technicians will see to its installation and all the necessary practical details.

We should emphasize that we construct switchgears from 0.5 HP to 150 HP, always according to international standards, that is with electrostatic painting process and tightness IP54 and in the dimensions that fit to your conditions.

Our constructions include the following gear:

  • Soft Starter switchgears, that are fully assembled automation panels with overvoltage protection, phase asymmetry protection etc.
  • Three-phase Inverters, which are switchgears with a variable torque regulator and have the necessary protections, in order to avoid damages that can be caused by the sudden changes in the electrical installation and your devices.

In the construction of switchgears we always use material provided by the largest electrical engineering firms with all the necessary certifications.

Our vast experience and our reliable technicians guarantee the optimum outcome that will last in time.