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Studies of engineers with extensive experience in constructions

Our company is at your disposal to provide you with all the services related to the construction of your building, whether it’s a home or a business space. Specifically, we can elaborate with absolute accuracy and accountability the studies necessary for your building based on your data. The studies we do for you are either for studies for a building permit and construction studies.

Every time we produce a study we always fully tailor it to your needs and the specifications of your building.

In detail:

  • We first draw the architectural design of your building. This involves the placement of the building on the plot, which takes into account all aspects, laws and practices associated with good functioning.
  • We elaborate the static study of the construction, with all the necessary technical information that will lead to the safe technical / economic construction of the structure.
  • Today it is compulsory to study the energy efficiency of the building. We will undertake for you the study that is necessary for the issuance of a building permit. At the same time we will make energy inspections of the building, boiler and heating system and your air conditioning, which is also mandatory.

Next after are electrical and mechanical studies. Our long experience in the electromechanical field and trained staff are a guarantee for the proper design of our electromechanical installation, whether it is for a home or for a business space. This includes the following tasks:

  • The routing of wiring, power plants, electrical panels of all types, structured wiring, and proper insulation to avoid voltage drop, etc.
  • Of course we will do for you the necessary studies related to the heating of your building with radiators or gas, or analyze a plan for underfloor heating in your building.
  • The electromechanical studies also include the study of our water supply and drainage. A key for as here the needs and hygiene of a modern building also the absolute quality and economical realization, with durability over time and against wear.
  • We will prepare for you the engineering study for the installation of ventilation and aeration of your building, which is necessary especially for commercial buildings, always taking into account the specific requirements and features of the site.
  • Alongside we will conduct a plan for the air conditioning of your building, home or business space.
  • Finally, we will complete for you a detailed study and design of passive and active fire protection of your building, taking into account the existing laws and the characteristics of the building or your business.

We recall you that our name is a guarantee of reliability for the services and projects we undertake for you. We support our success in our long-term presence in the space and the large number of projects that we have carried out all these years, in cooperation with our experienced and fully trained crews and partners.