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Plumbing system installation projects

Plumbing system installations

Plumbing system installations. Drainpipe Φ315 for stormwater network

During big constructions we also undertake the proportional plumbing system. Our certified technicians will see to the correct design of your plumbing system, which will adhere to all necessary specifications and the technical features needed for a correct and functional outcome.

Plumbing, as well as all our works, follows a proportional study, which will take into consideration the most important parts:

  • First we will see to it that the plumbing we will design for you will hold to pressure, as well as to temperatures prevailing in our country and its changes (contractions-dilations). For this cause we use mainly copper tubes, that also ensure the smallest leakages due to friction and the transfer of larger water amount thanks to their smaller diameter.
  • We will also take care that your plumbing system holds to and functions securely in case of fire. The copper tubes we place and their connectors are those that last to high temperatures and are unburned, so they do not produce dangerous toxic gases either.
  • Moreover, we take care of the tightness and the impermeability of the plumbing system, that also ensures that the quality of the water that goes through it is not influenced by external factors, as ultraviolet radiation or oxygen.
  • The plumbing system in every big work we undertake is also especially designed concerning its reliability during the stresses undergone by A/C and heating systems, underfloor heating, cold/warm water and firefighting systems with the fluctuations of pressure and temperature.
  • Of course we construct our plumbing systems using always optimum materials, approved by E.E. This correct choice ensures the resistance of your plumbing system in time and corrosion and protects public health.
  • Of course, our installations are always environment-friendly, as we use mostly recyclable materials.

Basic factor for our successful and resistant plumbing systems are our qualified crews of technicians who execute these projects, always under the continuous supervision and the coordination of our engineers, which in turn contributes to the completion of every work undertaken within a certain timetable.