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Project supervision


Project supervision by licensed engineers

For every project we undertake we make sure there is constant supervision until its completion. We assign the supervision to qualified engineers – our partners. They are reputable technicians who possess the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and the expertise.

  • Our supervising engineers ensure the high performance of all individuals in tasks that must be carried out based on the study that has been elaborated. A key concern for us in supervision of the projects that you assign to us is the completion and delivery on time.
  • Our engineers are always aware of any specific construction difficulties as well as the procedures to be followed. They are also informed about the legal framework governing each kind of construction.
  • The period of work the supervising engineer will keep a daily data record with information on the progress of the project as well as the problems encountered and solutions provided to them.

You should know that our company always selects the most appropriate technical crews for each work.

By entrusting your project to us you will save money on the overall cost, since our technical partners provide excellent quality of work for very affordable prices.

Whatever your project is, from the construction of residential or commercial space or the renovation-decoration of the living room or your bathroom, engineers and crews will work correctly and responsibly, making sure to care about every detail of the construction, electrical, hydraulic or aesthetic piece.

Proper and responsible supervision of any work undertaken by us is another way guarantee the correct result, you will not be in need for any extra work again, for a long time.