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Energy saving methods


High efficiency energy saving methods.

Global climate change, increasing energy costs coming from depletion of natural resources, international agreements and regulations on energy combined with the implementation of the Rules of the Energy Performance of Buildings since October 2010 in Greece required for new building licenses and gradually to existing buildings impose the best possible design so that efficient management of required energy is achieved.

POUPALOS Bros Co. continuously monitoring the international technological developments in the field of energy undertakes the design and construction of electrical/mechanical installations to efficiently manage a building’s required energy, saving energy and money while simultaneously protecting the environment directly and indirectly.

Our company offers complete solutions and suggestions for energy saving in new buildings as well as effective interventions in existing ones.

For example:

  • Heat pump.Heat pump is an air conditioning system which can be used both for cooling and heating.It is more efficient than other heating systems, saves much more energy and is significantly less polluting.a heat pump can work together with heating radiators, underfloor heating and/or fan coil units.
  • Solar collectors that produce hot water for domestic use.
  • Photovoltaic panels for low power electricity generation.
  • Internal temperature thermostat. By adjusting temperature of the heating system inside the house at different levels according to use and needs of each area, leads to even greater efficiency.
  • Thermostatic valves that provide autonomy to every heating radiator and automatically adjust the flow of hot water according to temperature set. This way when room temperature reaches set temperature the valve closes and prevents further inflow of hot water in the heating radiator.
  • Lighting fixtures using new energy saving lamps based on LED technology
  • Heating Compensation. Adjustment of inflow hot water temperature at heating installations depending on ambient temperature.
  • Geothermal energy.Exploitation of energy coming from the earth’s interior by using a geothermal heat pump. Heat transfer from and to the ground can be achieved to produce cooling, heating and hot water for domestic use.

There are many methods and applications through which one can save energy gaining significant benefits for both the building and those who use it but also for the environment.

By using modern technologies and top quality materials, combined with proper management of cooling, heating and lighting systems, our company will submit comprehensive proposals so that energy consumption and energy bills are significantly reduced, improving living conditions.