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Public Works

Public Works

The Poupalos Bros Co. is a technical company with a longstanding presence in constructions and reconstructions as well as any electrical work.

Our experience is not restricted to the private sector, with home and commercial constructions and renovations. On the contrary, it has also expanded to public Works, where we have already performed various works as we have a first grade contractor’s certificate which provides us this possibility.

Therefore, our company undertakes and conducts studies and technical surveys concerning public Works. Moreover we provide technical advice to studies on public works and we construct or maintain and renovate public buildings. Indicatively we mention the various E/M installations in public buildings, the lighting of municipalities, the reconstruction of athletic fields or the landscaping with the addition of shelters, the installation of fire protection and fire detection systems as well as the fundamental grounding and lightning protection of public buildings.

Our company has the experience as well as the knowhow that are necessary to undertake such works and execute them responsibly and quickly. Thanks to our years of experience and cooperation with certain providers and crews we can guarantee the quality of the materials and our work, as well as their completion within a certain fixed schedule. An important role is played here by the perfect coordination of our works, which is reached by their constant supervision by our certified engineers.