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 Substations - Indoor Substation

Substations – Indoor Substation

Definition of electrical terms concerning substations

  • Low Voltage: The voltage produced by the Electricity distribution company’s transformer or any voltage lower than 1000 Volt.
  • High Voltage: From 22000 V to 150000 V.
  • Ultra-high voltage from 150000 to 380000 V.
  • Power supply: The whole Electricity distribution company’s installation meant to provide us with electrical power ending up to our meter.
  • Protection: The devices that we install in a substation so as to get optical and acoustic signal.
  • Arrival: Where medium voltage supply arrives at a substation.Our company undertakes the technical study and the construction of a medium voltage substation.

Speicifically, the following procedures must take place.

  • Electricity Distribution Company’s medium voltage supply.
  • After undertaking the work we come in contact with Electricity Distribution Company in order to define the type of supply and the architectural plan of the substation.
  • The layout of the substation follows next as well as the single-core plan including the transformer of the medium voltage supply, the low voltage panel, the groundings, the protection and the nominal values of the link elements.
  • Submission of the plan for the generator set.
  • After the approval of our plans we can proceed to the construction of the substation.
  • The basic parts installed are the following:
  • In a separate space accessible to the electricity distribution company we install the field of medium voltage departure towards the general switch and the general medium voltage security.
  • We lead the medium voltage to the transformer and we convert it to low voltage, that is we produce three phase current with a potential difference of 400V and we lead it to a seperate space where we install the low voltage central panel.
  • This panel has installed on it all the central electrical supplies of the building as well as the two automatic switches resposible for the change of the Electricity distribution company’s electrical current to current of the generator set in case of a supply problem.
  • Moreover, a central UPS can also be optionally installed in another posititon supplying with current part of the building, usually computers, lighting and electronic equipment that is responsible for the production of uninterruptible and high quality voltage (regarding waveform).
  • We also install the equipotential grounding necessary to a substation as well as the grounding of the neutral node of the transformer.

The correct lighting of the spaces is also necessary as well as all the danger signalling configurations according to regulation.

Our company, having the necessary knowhow can provide and install the necessary equipment for the substation of your building.