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Natural gas


Natural Gas. Furnaces at Stergiou factory.

When the price of oil constantly rises shouldn’t you invest in natural gas?

POUPALOS Bros Co. undertakes all necessary procedures for the house, the apartment building or business so you can enter the “world” of natural gas gaining many benefits:

  • Autonomy, immediacy and speed since continuous flow of fuel will eliminate the possibility of “running out”.
  • Safety, as reliability and quality of equipment use, guarantee high levels of security.
  • Economy, since its price is lower than oil and other energy forms.
  • Payment after consumption according to measuring device indications rather than prepayment upon delivery; usually the case when using oil
  • No need for storage facility while you get rid of the aggravation regarding supply and continuous stock monitoring.
  • Shows limited maintenance needs as its combustion characteristics in combination with a regular maintenance are sufficient to ensure proper operation and longer life of equipment use.
  • Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and is simply the best energy choice for the environment.

To take advantage of natural gas benefits just decide it and leave the rest up to us.

  • We will fill up and submit the application form to connect to the gas company.
  • Mechanical Engineer will carry out the study according to your needs and requirements.
  • Specialized crew will proceed with the installation using up to date equipment and high quality materials accompanied by the necessary certificates.
  • Final check up by the gas company for approval to use the facility.
  • Adjustment of all gas appliances by our technicians.
  • Test, demonstration and delivery of the installation in operation.

Installations undertaken by our company are performed by experienced technical staff in a coordinated manner with priority given to safety, providing construction quality and durability.

Our company keeps a record for each project that includes drawings, studies, work calendars, movements of materials, certificates, photographs and telephone numbers.  All data are readily available after project delivery.