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Store installations

store installations

Efficient store installations

Realizing the need of professionals to create a safe, functional, comfortable and stylish space, our company carries out the design and construction of electrical/mechanical installations in your store so it becomes more productive and competitive.

In recent times, increasing technological demands in these areas set new standards in design and installation of lighting fixtures, electrical installations, plumbing installations, automation, computer systems, structured cabling, security systems and CCTV systems.

Our company constantly monitoring advancements in the area of design and technological development can offer suggestions and is ready to provide integrated solutions for facilities that meet all kinds of requirements.

Based on our experience in the field of electrical/mechanical projects we undertake the electrical /mechanical installations in stores offering the best possible result.

The various stages in a store installation are the following:

  • Electrical installation.

Design and construction or renovation of your store for a safe, functional and efficient installation.

  • Professional lighting

Study and installation of lighting fixtures and equipment that will show up the area giving it a new identity.

  • Plumbing installation

Study and construction or renovation of your store for a safe, sophisticated, functional, enduring facility.

  • Air Conditioning

Design and installation air conditioning that meets your space requirements using VRV-VRF systems, fan coil units, ducts, or a combination of the above.