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Heating Autonomy prices

Prices for autonomous heating

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Heating autonomy – Prices

A detailed list of prices for autonomous heating systems follows, including all instances of old blocks of flats.

Prices don’t include 23% VAT.

Detailed list of prices for autonomous heating systems
Small appartment block large appartments block *
Up to 40 radiators 67,50 € 66,00 €
From 41 to 65 radiators 63,00 € 61,50 €
From 66 to 100 radiators 60,50 € 59,00 €
From 101 to 150 radiators 59,00 € 57,50 €
151 radiators or more 58,00 € 56,50 €

* Large apartment block is considered that is as average body per apartment 7 and older.


Special prices for very big block of flats

The prices for the installation of the autonomy heating system include the following concerning every radiator:

i) Replacement of the flow switch with thermostatic head for setting indoor temperature.

ii) Programming and installation of wireless TECHEM distributor for heating consumption calculation.

No wireless repeater or other work and equipment that will bring about additional shared expenses are required for the system operation.

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