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Electrical installation in stores

Electrical installation in stores

Stores requirements differentiate the study’s implementation without changing the primary objective which is to create an electrical installation that will provide safety, comfort, functionality, aesthetics and durability.

These areas are formed in such a way to meet specific needs. As a result, we often use materials in their construction which alter/change the method of the electrical installation.

Specifically, in many stores, it is most probable to construct or cover the walls with plasterboard, cement board or even wood instead of brick.

Depending on the material you have chosen for your store, our electricians will use right materials in an appropriate way to deliver a complete electrical installation.

Tubing and wiring can be accomplished with:

  • The use of electrical distribution channels to install cables, switches, etc.
  • The use of NYY cables (flexible cable with reinforced insulation) placed inside special tubes for installation on the floor and until control points.
  • The use of tubes, spiral tubes, junction boxes and other materials for installation inside plasterboard.
  • The use of tubes, spiral tubes, junction boxes and other heavy type materials for outdoor installation.
  • The use of cable trays (rectangular metal frames) for installation inside false ceiling.
  • The use of NYM cables (sheathed flexible cable) for installation inside plasterboard.
  • The use of plasterboard sockets, switches and other fittings

Depending on your store’s requirements, our company will install all necessary tubing and wiring to support other systems that will be installed or expected to be used in the future. (security system, monitoring system, loudspeakers, etc)

In some cases it is necessary to put in a power generator, which in combination with the use of UPS (Uninterruptible power supply) devices will protect your equipment from power supply interruptions and voltage fluctuations that can jeopardize your business smooth operation.

Our electricians will make all necessary setup and automation to deliver a complete and functional facility tailored/adapted to your business not only for present needs but also for future demands.

With consistency and professionalism, within the arranged timetable our technicians will find the ideal solution satisfying in the best way your needs and requirements.