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Plumbing installations

Plumbing installations

Your plumbing installations is our business!

POUPALOS BROS Co. has a fully organized crew of licensed plumbers, equipped with the latest tools and materials.With proper training, support and supervision, our technicians follow technically sound methods for your plumbing installation in a coordinated and efficient manner.With years of experience in the field of plumbing installations our company will carry out in the best way all the work required in order to deliver a complete plumbing installation quickly and efficiently, meeting all functional and aesthetic requirements.Our cooperation starts/begins with all necessary meetings needed to fully understand your needs and discuss all details in order to present a complete proposal for your hydraulics installation, utilizing our expertise and extensive experience using innovative ideas and solutions tailored to your demands/needs.The relevant study, which we will elaborate and deliver, gives you the opportunity to know precisely from the beginning of our cooperation.

  • The final image of the plumbing installation since you receive a plan setting out in detail all the elements needed
  • The way in which all tasks will be executed followed by a complete timetable
  • The materials and equipment that will be used
  • The total cost required for the project, analyzed separately for each stage of the installation, without containing “hidden points”
  • Quantification of the elements of the installation, appearing in the financial offer with individual/separate values, in order to facilitate probable changes that may occur during the works.

Not all plumbing are identical/the same.During the development of the project, our crews apply innovative techniques using specialized tools and top quality materials, so as to deliver optimal results, technically and aesthetically, such as:

  • Use of Cross Linked Polyethylene pipes from REHAU Company for plumbing and heating for maximum durability and functionality without soldering.
  • High quality water supply and heating panels/collectors for autonomy and easy maintenance.
  • Use of wet diamond drilling machine for opening holes at concrete at the points where the pipes for drainage and other use will go/pass through.
  • Installation of underfloor heating in a meander-shape using the REHAU boards vario system
  • Tightness testing of piping by applying high pressure using special water press.
  • All tubes that will be used later for radiators’ installation come out from the wall rather than the floor for aesthetic superiority and cleaning easiness.
  • Lifetime electronic file compliance of plumbing installation with photos and plots.