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The plumbers working in our company have extensive experience and expertise so that they can carry out any plumbing work but also provide ideas and solutions that will satisfy the most demanding customer.

Plumbers working in POUPALOU Bros Co. always work with consistency and professionalism, willing and able to offer comprehensive services with responsibility and reliability.

Equipped with the latest tools and high quality materials, our plumbers have learned to work in concert following technically sound methods so as to be efficient and productive.

POUPALOU Bros Co. is active for several years in the field of plumbing and our plumbers have worked on hundreds of private projects gaining valuable experience and knowledge operating in an appropriate manner by providing high quality solutions to the demands and expectations of each client.

With plumbing in houses, apartment buildings, shops, offices, industrial sites and public works hydraulic we have gained complete picture for most plumbing projects. Our interest is to always be open to cooperate with you by offering the best possible result both functional and aesthetically.

Within the framework of a continuous search of the company for new ways and methods to make it more competitive and efficient, our plumbers are systematically being trained both from us and from the companies we elaborate with, to be aware of new techniques, materials and tools.

Our plumbers always work in strict compliance with all security measures, strictly following the schedule that you know from the beginning of our cooperation in order to complete the project within the agreed delivery time.

It is very important to us that our staff works properly and methodically, our company has taken care so that our plumbers have at their disposal commercial vehicles of various sizes to be used according to the needs and requirements of the project, equipped with the necessary tools for immediate service.

At each project site a supervisor plumber is placed who from the beginning till the delivery of work knows all the details, supervises and directs the other plumbers and is constantly available to explain the progress of the works or to intervene directly for any changes that you want to be implemented.

The plumbing staff of our company consults and collaborates seamlessly with all other teams and ensure that they facilitate their work in order to avoid unnecessary repairs or delays.

Once the stage of installation of the water supply is completed, we proceed to the necessary testing using special press at a suitable pressure and after the tests are successful, the installation remains at normal pressure, until the placement of sanitary ware.

In every project our plumbers in cooperation with the secretariat of the our office endeavor to create complete digital project folder which includes drawings and photographs in which you deliver the completed work.