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Water supply

Water supply

When the brickwork of the building is completed, we come to the construction site and in arrangement with you we mark all the positions of the plumbing installation (taps, washtubs, toilets, basins, bath tubs, laundry facilities etc) and the water supply collectors.

If you wish, this procedure can occur with the participation of your clients that will inhabit the apartments you are constructing.

Afterwards our plumbers carry on with the installation of water supply piping and water supply panels.For the installation we use either copper pipework and fixings or Cross Linked Polyethylene pipes from REHAU Company.Specifically, we use the RAUTITAN installation system, using the Schiebehülse jointing procedure that offers security, high resistance but also ease and speed of installation, competitive prices and thus reduced costs.

RAUTITAN pipes compared to copper ones offer an advantage since they are more flexible avoiding probable foldings that could create problems during the installation.

Also, there is no need for soldering, like we do when we use copper pipes, since all connections are carried out according to the Schiebehülse jointing procedure using a special tool (rehau rautool) and fittings, which meet the most strict hygiene standards and leave no room for error in connections.


Organizational structure, experience of our plumbers, use of proper equipment and systematization of the installation procedure we implement, provides:

  • Autonomy, since we place a separate distribution panel on each floor.
  • Ease of maintenance, since every water supply corresponds to a separate switch that can be isolated for maintenance without affecting the rest of the network.
  • Accessibility, since we put all the water supply panels/collectors at places easily reachable without burdening the aesthetic result.
  • Option for future conversions or extensions since we always foresee to leave space for water supplies that may be added in the future.

In case you decide to use copper pipes for your installation, we use a special tool to create curves in the pipes avoiding foldings while all piping is protected by special insulation.
tsimentarisma1When all piping for hot and cold water is installed, our plumbers cover them with cement for extra protection while in all spots where the shower or bathtub faucets will be installed, we put a special bracket which prevents them from moving when plastering begins.

When the installation of the water supply network is completed, it is tested under appropriate pressure using a special water press. After the test runs successfully, the installation remains under normal pressure until the sanitary ware is placed indicating the completion of the works.

Our plumbers give special attention to the installation of sanitary ware giving emphasis to every detail in order to ensure functionality and aesthetics in the final result.

Finally, we create an electronic file containing all photos taken from the water supply installation. A back up file is held for life and it is readily available.