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Boiler rooms


Boiler rooms

The installation of a boiler room is not a simple matter.POUPALOS Bros Co. has the necessary specialized staff that can undertake your boiler room’s study and installation.We will make all necessary technical tests and we will deliver a technically and functionally sound boiler room.

The basic components of a boiler room are:

  • The burner. It makes the combustion of raw material (oil or natural gas), responsible for converting raw material into thermal energy.
  • The boiler. It receives flame coming from the burner and transfers thermal energy/heat to water.
  • The burner circulator that circulates hot water through the pipe heating network.
  • Fuel tank if oil is used.
  • A filter whose purpose is to protect the pipe network from unwanted particles.
  • The automatic filling valve. It supplies the pipe heating network with water at a selected pressure.
  • The safety valve. A protecting mechanism that automatically opens when pressure reaches dangerous levels.
  • The differential pressure valve. It ensures sound operation of the circulator in case where all solenoids shut down.
  • Safety shut down thermostat. It protects the entire system by shutting off all fuel and ignition energy to the burner when specific risky conditions occur. Its restart can only be accomplished with operator action.
  • Operation thermostat. Ιt controls the upper limit of the water’s temperature inside the boiler. When this temperature is reached the burner automatically ends its operation.
  • Circulator thermostat. It controls the temperature, above which the circulator starts operating by supplying hot water to the pipe network.
  • The thermostats that control temperature in different areas.
  • The differential switch that controls the operation of the solar panels circulator.
  • Autonomy control panel. It controls, measures and ensures proper operation on each different heated area.
  • The boiler that heats water.

As you can see, the installation of a boiler room is a complex project because there are many different parts that control different operations. For this reason, this project should be carried out from an experienced crew with sufficient technical knowledge.

POUPALOU Bros Co. has the knowledge and expertise to undertake this project and deliver an excellent boiler room.