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Proper building insulation.

During the construction of commercial and residential buildings, our company pays great attention to insulation. Proper insulation in buildings is what protects them against conditions such as moisture (damp proof membrane), which might ultimately affect the quality of construction, the intense heat of our country in the summer and cold in winter (heat insulation) and external sounds (soundproofing). Proper insulation also acts as fire protection. In short, proper insulation helps to provide a comfortable and quality living inside the buildings, but also to save energy and money on heating and air conditioning.

  • We care for the important issue of insulation from the start, because any attempt to repair it later will not have the same effect.
  • Furthermore, under the new Regulations for Energy Performance of Buildings (KENAK) now it is necessary to improve energy efficiency in buildings to save energy both from heating and air conditioning, the production of hot water and lighting.
  • Our company gives priority to the appropriate design of the building and the selection of construction materials in order to be efficient in all these aspects.

In particular:

  • The seal is critical to protect the structure from moisture and rain water. Without proper insulation damage can be caused to the components and greatly reduce the thermal capacity and the hygiene of the building. The result? An uneconomical building, requiring high energy consumption for heating. Our company uses quality sealants (primers, membranes, coatings, etc.) for the flashing, which will ensure the resistance of all surfaces (walls, roofs, floors, etc.) to water.
  • Thermal insulation is what slows down the loss of heat when the building is heated and avoids the penetration of the heat to the building in the summer. There are many benefits, firstly reducing costs for heating and air conditioning as well as the corresponding power consumption, which is now vital for the protection of the environment. Our company cares for proper insulation by selecting and using the appropriate building materials and the placement of suitable windows.
  • Soundproofing is important today, especially in the cities since it limits the sounds that come out, improving the quality of our life. Our concern here, the correct placement of noise barriers in walls, floors, doors and windows, which will reduce, especially in apartment buildings, the sounds of the plumbing and drainage from other floors, the sound of the elevator and air conditioning, steps, televisions, car audio, etc.
  • Finally, we care for the fire protection of our constructions. In our constructions we take the necessary passive fire protection measures which are the right design that will prevent the spread of fire in case of it, and use proper insulation and fireproof partitions.

Our company ensures proper insulation of buildings with a careful choice of building / insulation materials, proper planning of insulation and the continuous supervision of the work of our experienced crews.