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Fireplaces to warm your environment

The fireplace is a traditional way to heat your place but also give it a welcoming and warm atmosphere. Our company is at your disposal to discuss the selection of a suitable fireplace for your home. The architects-designers will study the architecture and its particularities, and will suggest the proper position, the correct size and type of suitable fireplace. Ergonomics, functionality, aesthetics and of course durability are been requested. We will choose a product from the leading factories and place it precisely in your place.

We will also inform you about fireplaces and the laws that govern them, and its’ materials.

You have several options:

  • The simple traditional fireplace can be wood or stone, over a wall or standing on the floor.
  • You have also the option for a fireplace without chimney or for an electric fireplace.
  • Fireplaces that are ecologically and economically are popular today, with great performance without smoke and without heat losses, while giving a stylish look to your space.
  • Modern technology gives you the choice to connect your fireplace with the central heating vents or with the radiator, so the heat generated by the fireplace goes straight to the tap water heating.
  • In case you choose a fireplace or a hydraulic heater fireplace, our engineers will carry out a study during the construction of the house, to take into account all the practical details and to ensure the best possible outcome.

Of course, installing a fireplace is always accompanied by a study on the fire detection and firefighting of the building for the possibility of fire.

We always cooperate with the best suppliers, while our experienced teams always work under the supervision of one of our qualified engineers. All these ensure the excellent results in the time with reasonable costs defined since the beginning.