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Restaurant renovation

The restaurant renovation that will fulfill all your needs

Our company is at your disposal to carry out the restaurant refurbishment that you desire. Thanks to our extensive experience in renovating commercial premises, we will make sure to properly renovate the restaurant to give it a new atmosphere and attract new customers.

Our first concern when renovating a restaurant is the preparation of the study. The study regards the design of the interior and exterior of your restaurant both by a constructional point of view, and from its aesthetics, aiming in its right order and to renew materials and decoration. The design is completed by our architects-designers, who will take into account your wishes regarding the style of the store and of course your budget.

  • During the extensive renovation of a restaurant a complete decommission of all the old equipment will take place. And according to the electrical and mechanical study we will install new electrical, water and sanitation facilities.
  • If it is necessary, we will renovate the windows and the (thermal) insulation, to reduce the heat loss and save money differently lost to heating costs in winter and cooling in summer.
  • Restaurant renovation includes the change of the flooring or parquet with modern, practical materials that are easy to clean while they do not slip, both in the kitchen and in the dining room.
  • Our expert technicians will complete the necessary masonry work on walls (by building up, plastering) before moving on to decorating the dining room and the placement of any decorative cover (wood, stone, etc.).

We renovate the toilets using modern, high quality sanitary ware and tiles installing the necessary ventilation. In the kitchen we will take care for the proper arrangement of space to renovate the restaurant to make it more functional and comfortable. Large sinks, new stoves, spacious closets and storage areas, adequate outlets and outlets for large appliances are an indication of some of our work.

We definitely care about the proper ventilation and air conditioning of the space under our study. We will also arrange the correct space heating with natural gas or oil with proper planning and realization of the installment.

In restaurant renovation the right lighting plays an important role to the design. That contributes to the easy operation of the kitchen. It will also give the desired atmosphere in the guest area.

  • If desired, our associate carpenters can ensure you the restaurant completion with high quality furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) in technique and style that suits it. Ours designers will guide you on aesthetics and decoration.
  • We undertake the renovation and shaping of the exterior space, if any. We will study the layout of the exterior, taking care of the garden design and the automatic watering while placing the appropriate shades-tents.
  • Finally, our company can undertake the protection of your restaurant by installing the appropriate fire detection and alarm system.

Our long experience, our trained technicians and our experienced crews in conjunction with reputable suppliers ensure the renovation of your restaurant responsibly, correctly and efficiently. All these are achieved in the stipulated timeframe, thanks to proper coordination and continuing supervision of the work, and the best prices.