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Café Renovation

Attract new customers.

Our company, with a long presence in the home and commercial premises improvement, can renovate your café responsibly. The renovation of the cafeteria, like any renovation of a dining and entertainment place, it must meet certain standards to be functional and to attract clients.

The professional designers will discuss with you the needs of your business, to design appropriate renovation that will bring the desired results.

Renovating a cafeteria involves many different tasks. You will decide which ones are necessary and must be made in your own business and the experienced designer will prepare for you a study and will present a detailed plan of refurbishment.

In a café renovation:

  • We will get your old equipment, windows, doors, flooring, furniture and kitchen equipment / bars decommissioned as well as sanitary ware and tiles in toilets.
  • Then, if the building is old we will care for your new electrical, plumbing and drainage installation. Our electricians will place an electrical voltage monitor on the electrical panel that will protect your devices from sudden voltage fluctuations.
  • We will install the necessary electrical lines to supply power to your electrical appliances (refrigerators, coffee machines and beverage, freezers, etc.).
  • Under the plan to renovate the cafeteria we will install the appropriate lighting that will help to promote the site.
  • We will make sure to insulate the space, if it is necessary.
  • We will also build the necessary partitions, suspended ceilings and trim stone or wood walls.
  • We will keep going by installing new frames and new flooring of the material you choose with our help, and the installation of new sanitary ware and tiles in toilets.
  • Then you put the new furniture and new equipment you have at the bar / kitchen. Crucial here is the functionality and practicality and not just aesthetics.
  • We will place modern furniture and durable material that will suit the style you have chosen to give to your cafeteria. And here, aside from aesthetics, an important factor is comfort, which will make your cafeteria welcoming to your customers.
  • Next is the decoration and fitting of extra lighting with spotlights or floor lamps.
  • Our company can also install an alarm system to protect your premises during the renovation of the cafeteria.

Our primary concern during the renovation of the cafeteria is the proper planning and constant supervision of the work of our skilled and experienced staff. Proper coordination allows us to complete the work undertaken within the time designated from the project plan, which is important when it comes to your professional place.

Finally, our long cooperation with specific suppliers guarantees the reliability, quality and our competitive prices.