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Completition stage


Stage of completion

After our technicians have carried out the stages of tubing and wiring according to the agreed timetable, comes the final stage of the electrical installation, a stage usually carried out in parallel with painting works. Strict standardization in the use of cable colours enables us to place the electrical equipment of your choice both quickly and correctly according to the relevant drawings.

During the final stage, the active involvement of your customers in the work progress may occur.

Our electricians are always cooperative and willing to serve them.However, your instructions and approval is always needed before they carry out a request.
Our electricians put the cables inside the electrical distribution panels and connect them to the corresponding fuses, in accordance with the installation study and the expected load requirements for the operation of appliances and lighting. We only use top quality materials (LEGRAND, SIEMENS, ABB, etc) based solely on your needs.

Electric panels are the heart of your facility and for this reason we follow certain procedures and specifications that ensure high functionality and usability.More specifically:

In flats, each floor has its own electric panel.

-Each electric panel has its own leakage relay to protect you from electric shock and your electrical appliances from excessive power surges.

-The electric panels are spacious, with separate fuses for each power line, offering ease of use as well as the possibility to add new lines.

-We place small printed pieces of paper on each element of the electric panel, indicating its function.
-We offer a wide range of specialized electric panel materials. This allows us to provide solutions to special demands in the field of control and automation.


The final tests that are carried out in every single power supply are also very important, because they help us detect possible failures on time. Such failures are usually caused by other crews working on the site at the same time.

This is a way to avoid more extensive future repairs that would create serious problems to those already occupying the house and that would cost so much more.

In the final stage of the installation we carry out all the works associated to the garden and to the exterior in general.When the installation takes place in soil or other places with humidity and potential mechanical stresses, we always use special waterproof, high-durability cables placed inside heavy duty tubes.For maximum security, we install garden lighting fixtures using the appropriate low voltage adapters.

We also place a separate electric panel, which supplies with power and controls the lighting of the garden and other outdoor areas using appropriate materials such as timers and motion sensors.

We then mount lighting fixtures and connect electrical appliances (cooking stove, water heater, etc.). After the final demonstration and operation tests the installation is delivered to you.

Finally, we issue the certificate required in order to connect to your electricity provider and we deliver to you the digital file of the project, including plots and photographs, while keeping a backup file available at any time for you and your customers.