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In the wiring stage, which comes after plastering, we first use the photos taken in the previous stage to spot and uncover junction and switch boxes in order to avoid unnecessary slight repairs that may delay works and increase costs.

After the uncovering of junction and switch boxes we use a special jigsaw that eliminates the danger of cable injury seen when using common cutters. This leads to a clean and proper wiring, leaving room for the required junctions.In the wiring stage all power lines (cables) are placed inside the plastic tubes; these lines end up either to the main panel or to another control point (call centre, alarm centre, TV centre, etc.).

Our company has standardized cable colour usage as far as harmful voltages are concerned. Each colour combination indicates a specific function (lighting, socket, simple switch, double switch, etc.).In this manner, every technician immediately understands what he is dealing with and is in a position to intervene directly without wasting precious time.

In the plastering stage some parts of the walls receive more material than expected. As a result, when switch boxes are uncovered they may be found deeper into the wall, which can cause problems in the final mounting of electrical equipment.In such an event our company makes sure that additional switch boxes are placed over the existing ones to ensure uniformity and to eliminate the risk of slight repairs during the final stage.

Also, as the construction of your house moves on, you have a better overview of spatial planning, as well as of specific points that depend on the materials used and directly affect the process of wiring, including the selection of frames, the security system, the electric shutters, the kitchen area etc.For this reason, in collaboration with both you and the rest of the crews involved in the construction, we make sure that wiring to be used later appears at their exact location in order to facilitate other tasks associated with wiring.

For example, knowing what kind of frames will be installed and where these will be installed helps us place all wiring associated to magnetic contact switches in the appropriate spots.

Furthermore, knowing how you plan to develop the kitchen area allows us to correctly place the power supply cables required for the washing machine, the refrigerator, the ventilation system, etc. In the same sense, our electricians will provide better wiring if they know the kind and exact location of the electric shutters that will be installed, the kind and exact location of interior and exterior lighting fixtures, as well as the kind and exact location of the loud-speakers in your living room, etc.

The cables used in the electrical installation are top quality, accompanied by all necessary certificates.Wiring follows the specifications of the original study and it is carried out in such a way as to optimize load distribution and, thus, operation.

At the end of the wiring stage we run a first test to ensure that the installation is operating properly. We want to be sure that everything is well done before moving on to the next stage or before any other crew carries out works.